November 5, 2006

Isaiah 25:6-9Psalm 24Revelation 21:1-6aJohn 11:32-44 I remember hearing once that the two things that Canadians fear the most are death and public speaking. So I suppose that not too many people would like to be in my position this morning, of speaking (publicly) about death. Yes, that’s what I said. I’m going to preach about death this morning. And it’s not because we’ve just had Hallowe’en, and I’ve got ghosts and ghouls on the brain. And it’s not because I’ve been watching too much CSI lately. In fact, it is because death seems to be the major theme in our scripture texts today. More specifically, these texts, and the context of a Remembrance Day service, and several experiences that I’ve had over the last month, have got me thinking about the power of death. The fact that our greatest fears in life are death and public speaking can be somewhat amusing. But for those who don’t like to get up and preach or lecture or give a speech, they can usually find ways to avoid it. Death, on the other hand, is inevitable. It’s as inevitable as “death and taxes,” as they say. Death happens to us all eventually, but it is so often associated with anxiety, pain, despair, and trauma. Death can be so disturbing that we don’t like to talk about it. We use phrases like “he passed away” or “she moved on” or “he went to a better place”, when what we really mean is that “she … Read more »