October 28, 2018

Job 42:1-6, 10-17
Psalm 34:1-8, 19-22
Mark 10:46-52

“To See or to Be Seen”

Sometimes when I’m reading the Gospel of Mark I start to get discouraged. I know. Reading the Gospel should not be a let-down. But when we’re making our way through Year B of the lectionary, and we get all these stories from Mark’s account of Jesus’ ministry, I sometimes start to wonder if we Christians will ever get it together and live as Jesus intends us to live.

You see, the disciples in Mark’s Gospel stories are rather slow to understand his message, and they keep making silly mistakes.

They argue about which one of them is the greatest.

They get scared when Jesus does miracles like walking on water.

They struggle to cast out an evil spirit, and don’t even think about saying a prayer.

They get upset when Jesus talks about being arrested and killed because they think he’s got to take over leadership by force.

And in last week’s text, they presumptuously demand special seats next to Jesus in the Kingdom of God.

We read these stories about the slow and stupid disciples in Bible study, and we talk about how so often we are just like them.

We also struggle in life, but forget … Read more »